See what it's all about with these videos from some of 2015's stars & trainers.


International dressage rider Amy Stovold shares her must-have grooming product and top grooming tip.


Jason Webb of Australian Horse Training and Your Horsemanship talks about his work, his 2015 Total Confidence Live demonstrations and his thoughts on building rider confidence.



Performance Psychologist Charlie Unwin discusses his work with riders, his thought on building confidence and developing focus as a a rider and tells us why he thinks nerves so often creep in.


Performance Coach Jon Pitts explains what he discovered while working with riders during his time Total Confidence Live in April 2015.


Para dressage star Lee Pearson CBE offers his tips on feeling confident in the saddle and reveals why he loves groundwork.


Show jumping coach Mia Palles-Clark covers common jumping problems and how to tackle them.



Positive Reinforcement Trainer Melanie Watson explains her take on positive reinforcement as a training tool.


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